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About Us

Hello, and thanks for reading! We are a 40-something married couple, who met in high school and have been trailing each other ever since.

We trailed each other in college, as we dated throughout our four years at different colleges.

Then, we trailed each other on business trips, since our first jobs were both in management consulting. Trailing Wife visited on a project in Philadelphia, and Trailing Husband visited on a project in Toronto (definitely the better deal).

We even trailed each other in our hobbies. Trailing-Husband is an avid runner and part of the 50-States Marathon Club, completing 12 states so far. Trailing-Wife has joined trips to California, Vermont, Rhode Island, Texas, Alabama, Illinois, Georgia and Mississippi.

We also are real estate investors in three states and counting so we’ve trailed each other on property scouting trips to Asheville, Jacksonville, Birmingham, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Kansas City, and most recently Costa Rica.

By our mid-40’s we had both left our corporate jobs and now are focused on location-independent work so we can trail each other on travels around the world. Our kids are older – we are just about empty nesters – so we have a lot more flexibility. We’re taking advantage of it with five countries across three continents visited this year.

We started NYC Trailing Spouse for three main reasons:

  1. to have a project we could work on together (Trailing Wife loves to write and Trailing Husband loves to work on the web);
  2. to catalog our discoveries – places to visit, real estate ups and downs, favorite health and wellness finds; and
  3. to share what we learn with others who might also want to pursue a more flexible, out-of-the-box lifestyle.

We are a family of four, living in NYC, which is an expensive place to be. We came from middle-income families and had pretty typical careers. Yet we still managed to leave the corporate grind early and put life first, work second. It’s not just about working for decades and saving all the fun stuff for later.

Read on for all that fun stuff and the lessons we’re learning as we maintain our trailing lifestyle. We’ll experiment and share what works, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. And subscribe to our email list to get a weekly recap of the latest posts and extra content not publicly published.