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100 Dreams of Travel Destinations

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Applying my own 100 Dreams coaching exercise, here are my 100 dream travel destinations

I have a coaching exercise called 100 Dreams, which helps clients flex their wish muscles and also reminds them that there isn’t one be-it-and-end-all dream. The popularity of the exercise has resonated with the likes of Chris Guillebeau and Laura Vanderkam, and I’m thrilled they have introduced it into their communities. I do the 100

Favorite Stress Management Books

– Posted in: Health
These 10 books have stress management nuggets, to help you find your peaceful path

For me, health optimization is related to stress management. When I’m stressed, I get sick – a cold that won’t go away, an upset stomach, sore muscles. In the year or so right before I left my corporate career, I was besieged by tingling nerves and numbness in my hands and feet that would come