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Applying my own 100 Dreams coaching exercise, here are my 100 dream travel destinations

100 Dreams of Travel Destinations

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I have a coaching exercise called 100 Dreams, which helps clients flex their wish muscles and also reminds them that there isn’t one be-it-and-end-all dream. The popularity of the exercise has resonated with the likes of Chris Guillebeau and Laura Vanderkam, and I’m thrilled they have introduced it into their communities.

I do the 100 Dreams exercise for myself, and increasingly my dreams revolve around travel. I could fill the entire exercise with just my dream travel destinations.

Mixing and Matching Travel Destinations

Of course, there are whole countries on the list, which would need to be broken up into several trips. There are also trips specific to modes of transportation – cross-country by car, train trip thru the Canadian Rockies, river cruises in Europe and Asia, luxury cruises to the Caribbean or the Greek Isles. There are experiential trips – spa/resort, learning tours, visiting places at the Christmas holiday. I’ve always wanted to go to tennis camp and finally learn how to play.

As I listed out all my specific destinations, I started to realize that even with the US cities currently close to us, if we tried to live there for even just a month each, it would take five or more years just to do that. With my husband being a rabid Mets fan, perhaps we could align the US cities trips with where the Mets happen to play – become roadies of sport!

For destinations a plane ride away, dividing the trip by continent or region makes sense – we could build several three-month trips hopping from Europe to Asia to Central America, etc.

Putting dreams on paper is the first step to making them a reality

Just listing out the 100 dream travel destinations made it seem actually doable. There was an actual list, and I could group things together. At the very least, I could now make sure that we take advantage of each school break proactively and not by routine.

The check list format also makes it easy to chart progress. You would be surprised how far you can get with a few small steps – in 2017 alone we’ve already crossed a few destinations off the list.

100 dream travel destinations

Here are my 100 Dreams of travel (I have more but rounded to 100). What are yours?

  1. US cross-country by car
  2. Canadian Rockies by train
  3. Vancouver/ Victoria/ Western Canada
  4. Calgary/ Banff, Canada
  5. Montreal, Toronto and Niagara Falls, Canada
  6. Guanacaste, Costa Rica
  7. Central Valley/ Jaco, Costa Rica
  8. Panama
  9. Belize
  10. Ecuador
  11. Colombia
  12. Dominican Republic
  13. Mexico
  14. Roatan
  15. Peru
  16. Brazil
  17. Argentina
  18. China
  19. Japan
  20. Manila, Philippines
  21. Cebu, Philippines
  22. India
  23. Singapore
  24. Hong Kong
  25. Malaysia
  26. Indonesia
  27. Thailand
  28. Vietnam
  29. Cambodia
  30. Fiji
  31. Easter Island
  32. New Zealand
  33. Melbourne, Australia
  34. Sydney, Australia
  35. South Africa
  36. Athens, Greece
  37. Santorini, Greece
  38. Iceland
  39. Sweden
  40. Finland
  41. Norway
  42. London, England
  43. English countryside
  44. Paris, France
  45. French countryside
  46. Barcelona, Spain
  47. Madrid, Spain
  48. Alicante area, Spain
  49. Portugal
  50. Italy
  51. Switzerland
  52. Germany
  53. Austria
  54. Holland
  55. Belgium
  56. Poland
  57. Hungary
  58. Croatia
  59. Israel
  60. Vatican
  61. Aruba
  62. Caribbean cruise
  63. Panama Canal
  64. Greek Isles
  65. Tahitian Islands
  66. Danube River cruise
  67. Seine River cruise
  68. Transatlantic cruise
  69. Spa/ resort
  70. Tennis camp
  71. Language stay
  72. Safari
  73. Camino de Santiago walk
  74. Key West, FL
  75. Bar Harbour, ME
  76. Sarasota, FL
  77. Four Corners
  78. Santa Fe, NM
  79. Jackson Hole, WY
  80. Grand Canyon
  81. Portland, OR
  82. CA coast
  83. Las Vegas, NV
  84. Denver, CO
  85. TX
  86. Chicago, IL
  87. Louis, MO
  88. Kansas City, MO
  89. Crater of Diamonds, AR
  90. Nashville and Memphis,TN
  91. New Orleans, LA
  92. Atlanta and Savannah, GA
  93. Asheville, NC
  94. Carolinas Coast
  95. Charleston, SC
  96. Finger Lakes region
  97. VT
  98. Berkshires
  99. Alaska
  100. Hawaii
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